Winter Covers are perfect for leafy pools and when closing for Winter Period

Each winter pool cover is customer made for your pool!

Daisy WinterKleen pool covers are the ideal choice for pools that experience excess garden and leaf debris. These pool covers are installed over your pool so that any leaf and debris that collects or blows onto the cover is easily swept away. They really are a shut down cover to use year on year. If you like seeing your pool all year round these are not for you.

This type of pool cover works well during the off-season winter months.  They are always custom made to suit your pool, so they fit your pool perfectly. Completed in 3  colours; Green , Black or Blue.

With exception for solar heating and insulation properties, these WinterKleen pool covers deliver on all of the ‘Daisy Saves’ benefits such as saving water and reducing chemical usage. Arrange a measure & quote today with your local Jim’s Pool Care technician by call ph: 131546


REMEMBER: If you want your pool to look good all year round we recommend a monthly pool service or monthly valet program.  This can reduce the excessive costs each Spring in “starting your pool up” once it goes green the costs can be large.  Call one of our team if you want to discuss whats best for your pool.