Unboxing and Testing the New X6 Pool Cleaning Robot


Check out this latest video of Jim’s Pool Care Division Manager, Brett Blair, with Franchisee, Adrian Bradshaw, unboxing the New Maytronics X6 Pool Cleaning Robot.


Find out what’s in the box, how easy it is to assemble, and a quick test run of this impressive cleaning robot:



In the video above, we discuss such things as:

  • Filters
  • Cable Length and Cable Swivel
  • App and Tech
  • Demo of Cleaning Floors, Walls and Tile Line


If you’re looking for another great video on the Maytronics Robot Cleaner, with more details about the technology used in the X6, check out this video by Maytronics:



Peace of Mind

With the latest robotic technology, this top-tier Robot Pool Cleaner is optimized for water filtration and total cleaning, by using a gyroscopic navigation system, to provide full cleaning coverage for your pool. This is the best-selling and smartest Robot Pool Cleaner available today, so you can rest assured you’ve made the best decision for keeping your pool clean and sparkling.


Wi-Fi Connectivity

You can connect to this little pool cleaner helper by using the MyDolphinTM Plus app! This gives you full control of the robot for those moments when you want a bit more attention in a particular spot in the pool.


World’s First Climate Care Certified Pool Cleaner

  • Save $350 a year, reduced energy consumption by 83%.
  • Enjoy a 60 – 80% water wastage reduction from backwashes.
  • Less backwashing uses less chemicals.


If you’re looking for a way you can cut down on the time you spend cleaning your pool, giving you one less thing to worry about, then look no further than this impressive Pool Cleaning Robot. By also cutting down on pool maintenance costs, this is a win-win investment for your pool, saving you time and money!


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