At Jim’s Pool Care, we are not only mobile pool care technicians on the road, but our vehicles are also mobile pool shops.


You may have seen our vehicles driving around your suburbs, and you may have wondered what we have locked up inside. As you can imagine, our mobile pool shop has everything required to service all sorts of different types of pools. We carry pretty much everything you can think of, from general pool cleaning tools to pool care chemicals. But how safe is it to drive around with these types of chemicals? And what kind of systems do we have in place to ensure the safety of our pool technicians and those around them?


Safe Work Australia dictates safety measures to be adhered to and there is also an Australian Dangerous Goods Code. Each State also have Workplace Health and Safety guidelines which outline some of the dangers involved in carrying incompatible substances such as hypochlorite solution and acid, and the necessity for adequate separation of these chemicals. Given the fact that pretty much anyone could start up a pool care business, these types of guidelines are crucial for the safety of these business owners and the community. Which is why at Jim’s Pool Care, we have extensive training on pool chemical safety and up to date OH&S practices.



The vehicles which belong to our pool care technicians are regularly checked to ensure they are maintaining such adequate safety practices. This includes correct labelling of chemicals, physical barriers between dangerous chemicals and also adequate placements to ensure that, if the vehicle was to have a collision with anything, these chemicals will not move around and mix together. We have suitable absorbent material in case of any leaking on spills (such as kitty litter) and always have safety data sheets on hand which outline the current chemicals the pool care technician is holding in their vehicle.




We understand the responsibility that comes with working with dangerous chemicals and hazardous material. This is not a subject we take lightly. All of our pool care technicians are properly trained in all aspects of hazards and spill clean-up procedures. By keeping up to date with Government bodies such as Safe Work Australia and organisations like our own industry body SPASA Australia and our pool chemical suppliers, we are always kept in the loop with any updates in procedures as new chemicals arrive in our industry. When you call a Jim’s Pool Care Expert, you can rest assured that they are fully trained, insured and certified to handle the chemicals required to maintain your pool. Our training sessions do not end once our guys are on the road, we have online learning systems set up and face to face trainings regularly, to make sure everyone is keeping safe.


If you need any assistance with your pool equipment or perhaps need some pool chemical advice, give us a call today on 131 546 and a local Jim’s Pool Care Expert will be there to help.


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