Robot Pool Cleaners sound like something from the future. But they are already here, used and loved by thousands of pool owners across Australia. Gone are the days of the manual vacuum or that annoying creepy crawly that keeps getting stuck in the same corner of the pool. With a robot cleaner, they use sophisticated technology to actually take a scan of your pool so that they always clean every corner and never get stuck.


Check out this cool video and see for yourself:

Unlike all suction cleaners, because the robotic cleaner is not ‘tied’ to the pump, it doesn’t need the water flow generated by the pump in order to function. This means you can save even more money on electricity by installing an energy efficient variable speed pump and have it running at low speed.


Runs Independently 
With a robotic cleaner, you don’t have to fiddle around with connecting it to your pool’s filtration system. Instead, it runs independently and has its own filtration system/cartridge so there is no additional pressure placed on your pool filter. Every piece of dirt and debris that the robot collects is stored in its own internal filter. Plus, it can be easily emptied once full.


Spring Robot Offer – Free Demo
This spring, we are offering the amazing value Jim’s Pool Care DB2 Robotic Cleaner valued at $1890 and if you’re interested, one of our team can come out and show you how they work for a pool side Demonstration.


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