Sometimes Jim’s Pool Care gets an interesting green pool recovery project like this one.  Can you imagine our local Jim’s Pool Care Franchisee when he arrived? (We almost suggested Jim’s Mowing to start with!). We found out that the customer had been using their swimming pool as an aquarium and it was time to convert back to a pool again.  “Sorry, you want me to do what?”…

Could this be the worst green pool ever?

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Jim’s can handle Green Pools and usually quite fast

Just so you know, our team can handle just about any green pool problem, it is usually just down to the amount of labour, effort and pool chemicals required. This one took shovel loads of direct soil and slime to be removed over the course of a week or so.  Then a complete gurney and acid wash.

We refilled the pool and added all the required pool chemicals to balance it again ready for swimming.  This project included a complete salt water Chlorination System upgrade also.  We would have ideally liked the customer to re-paint or re-surface the pool as due to the age and condition the pool walls had deteriorated, but they will do that another time and were happy to have a healthy crystal clear pool again.

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We just had to share this green pool recovery with you.  If you ever need a hand with the recovery of your green pool or if you are having any pool problems at all, then give our team a call or book online to receive a call and free quote.

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